Deep Packet Inspection – Using Wireshark

When: Oct 31, 2018 10:00 AM in India
Where :

Wireshark is the most popular opensource tool to perform deep packet inspection. This tool is a must for anyone working in Cyber Security domain.
This tool will uncover the hidden layers on which Internet works.

Duration: 60 Mins

1. Introduction to Wireshark
2. Scenarios (Basic)

  • Understanding protocol headers (DNS,HTTP,HTTPS)
  • Name resolution.
  • Coloring/highlighthing packets.
  • Configuration profile.

3. Scenarios (Advanced)

  • Recreating original files from the captured packets (pdf/image/exe).
  • SSL decryption.

4. Q&A

Who all can attend this Webinar?
Students, Cyber Security professionals, IT managers, Academicians and Software engineers.


Sumita Narshetty
Security Researcher, PurpleSynapz


Ashok Sharma
Co-Founder & CTO, QOS Technology Pvt Ltd.
Program Director, PurpleSynapz.