Bengaluru has cemented itself as global technology hub, actively being supported by its vast talent pool, global innovation centres and dynamic Government policies. Tier 2 cities like Mysuru and Hubballi are also ripe for development as centres of innovation and entrepreneurship. Karnataka has to compete at a global level for innovation partnerships and collaboration for which Global Innovation Alliances (GIAs) are being established with all Innovation economies of the world . KUIC (Karnataka Unit for International Cooperation) has been set up by the Department to effectively communicate Karnataka’s strengths to the international fora, and to help in furthering collaborations and partnerships and strengthening and maturing of the innovation ecosystem of the State. KUIC shall help in handling international partnerships.

21st edition of Bengaluru Tech Summit flagship global event for tech industry shall be organized on29th-30th Nov and 1st Dec 2018 . KUIC is promoting this at international innovation hubs. KUIC also organizes curated tech sessions with experts from all over the globe for benefit of industry in Karnataka.