~CoE for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence set up in partnership with NASSCOM~

Bengaluru 5 July 2018: As part of the Government of Karnataka’s Innovate Karnataka programme, Shri K. J. George, Hon. Minister for Large & Medium Scale Industries. IT and BT , Science and Technology, Government of Karnataka, today inaugurated India’s first Centre of Excellence for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (CoEDS&AI), set up in association with NASSCOMM in Diamond District, Bengaluru. The CoE – DSAI is being established with a vision to put Karnataka in the global map of top 3 destinations for Data Science & Artificial Intelligence. As per a KPMG Global Technology Innovation Report 2018, Bangalore is one of the TOP 10 global innovation hubs and counted amongst the likes of Tokyo, London, Beijing, Tel Aviv, New York etc.

Speaking at the inauguration, Shri. K. J. George, Hon. Minister for Large & Medium Scale Industries. IT and BT, Science and Technology, Government of Karnataka,said “Government of Karnataka aims to transform Karnataka’s economy leading the change through innovation; focusing on technology, productivity, healthy enterprises and better citizen services; while  building robust and versatile technology capabilities, spearheading the way to new business opportunities. We believe innovation should lead to empowerment of people. Through this CoEDS&AI the Government will identify and help reach the benefits of AI to its citizens and stakeholders. Karnataka’s success in technology innovation and constantly delivering disruptive technologies has positioned it as one of the only Indian States to appear on the directories for Innovation Hubs, globally.”

In his address, Mr. Gaurav Gupta, Principal Secretary, Department of Innovation and Technology, Government of Karnataka said, “Businesses globally are undergoing a massive change spearheaded by digital disruption. Data Science & Artificial Intelligence has become all pervasive. Artificial Intelligence holds immense promise to positively impact people’s lives. It is our pleasure to establish India’s first Centre of Excellence in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence with NASSCOM as the partner. This CoEDS&AI is strategically placed to provide data-backed solutions to many complex problems of the world, considering the opportunity that emerging digital technologies will provide in times to come. While disruptive technologies, new business models, and accelerating pace of change is shifting the business landscape, we as a State recognize the importance of an Innovation Economy and government’s role to support this change. ” he said.

In order to create a world-class startup ecosystem,GoK, through its strategic investment and policy interventions that leverage the robust innovation climate unveiled Karnataka Start-up Policy back in 2015.The State has sponsored Incubation Centres with around 1,25,000 sqft of Incubation space including 10,000 startup warehouse program and funded close to 180 Startups. Under the Yuva Yuga scheme, skill training centers across the state are opened to provide Skill training in many cutting edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and others to meet the industry’s needs