Bengaluru, 27th August 2018: In the run up to Bengaluru Tech Summit scheduled for 29th November 2018 Shri. K J George, Hon. Minister for IT/BT & ST and Large and Medium Scale Industries, Government of Karnataka along with Mr. Gaurav Gupta, Principal Secretary, IT/BT &ST, Government of Karnataka have embarked on a five day tour of three European countries including Finland, Estonia and France. While the main focus in Finland would be Biotechnology, in Estonia it would be block chain, cyber security etc. and France for its incubation ecosystem.  The visit is focused on companies that have signed MoUs with the Government of Karnataka in specific areas of work. The purpose of the visit is to sustain these relationships that have been built and capitalize on them to forge potential partnerships by taking advantage of each other’s ecosystem.
Speaking from Helsinki, Finland, Mr. Gaurav Gupta said, “The trip is mainly to build better partnerships between academia, industry and startups of the respective countries so as to build up our ecosystem with innovation, new technology and to identify the right partners for fuelling our growth. A lot of growth in Karnataka startups is being driven by Academic institutions, Corporates, venture capital groups, and spirited individuals. What is necessary are the global partnerships so that our startups get exposed to what is happening in Finland and other countries and they also know of what is happening in India and Karnataka. It will give our startups an opportunity to scale up and understand how best to identify obstacles and find solutions. We in Government, also need to understand what kind of enabling environment has been created in these places so as to reproduce the same in Karnataka. Startups can thus become far more resilient and sustainable.”
While companies from these countries visited Bengaluru a couple of times over the last one year, this is the first visit by Government officials to these countries.